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Amazon Photo Editing

Images often are everything that an online selling is made up of. The only thing that would connect the buyer and the seller is the product, which can be shown to the buyer visually. To stay ahead in the competition, a great looking image is the one that you would need. Amazon has standards that the seller needs to meet in the market place in order to sell its products. If we do not meet the standards, amazon will simply suspend the account and will not allow you to sell any of the products.

We at Product Data Entry 4ecom, know all the rules and regulations of the Amazon selling project and also of the other market places required. We will edit the photos for you and make your business grow exponentially.

Services that we provide are:

  • There are more than 2000 images required to get resized as per the amazon standards. We would add different variations and colors to the gallery of images and also increase the sales rate
  • We would resize the seller images and also add the amazon standards to it. The majority of images would often loose their quality when enlarged. We would create a template with a white space, which will help in resizing any image within the specified scale.
  • the actual variation is not portrayed in the gallery images by the seller. So, we will recreate over 1,000 of the gallery images and will showcase all the variations required. The seller can see the increase in the sales with these variations, within the first few weeks of the updating of the images.
  • We understand that images are the ones that would make or break the sale.. so we would help the sellers with the best images possible and also will come with the top most images from our search.


Lastly, our amazon photo editing services at PDE4ecom, are very affordable and also will save almost of a 65% of your cost at labor.

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