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Data Matching & De-duplication

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With the increase in the size of eCommerce business the product data also increases, and so does the possibility of data redundancy. The chances of duplication increase with the repeated updating and entering of data. This results in confusion among customers and harm to company’s reputation. Therefore, every eCommerce company needs a database that is competent and accurate. We at Product Data Entry 4ecom provide the services of De-duplication as well as Data Matching, enabling you to have a product database free from redundancy and proficient in nature.

We analyse a project thoroughly and find out the requirements. To begin with, we identify the duplicate information by a program of data mapping. Then de-duplication is commenced after scrupulously mapping the duplication level in the provided product data. The professionals in our company for de-duplication and data matching are experts having mathematical adeptness. In the process of matching data, duplicate and similar information is also found out by matching fields between different data sources. For this purpose, a matching logic is created which identifies the duplicate data. Moreover, the product data provided by you is matched by your competitors’ data and some additional information is also entered by PDE4ecom. After the identification of all the duplicate content the similar content is merged, thus removing all the data noise by eliminating all the data that is obsolete and inappropriate.

You can rely upon us considering our familiarity with the data feeding format of huge and reputed eCommerce companies like ZenCart, Magneto, Shopify, xCart, Amazon etc. We assure you of having accurate and efficient database after our giving our services of de-duplication and data matching. Besides this, we have reasonable rates of providing the services. Give us an opportunity to work for you and you won’t be disappointed!

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