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In the current times, E-mail and instant chat has become the main means for managing customer relationships and for data transmission. That is why, many businesses are outsourcing their call center needs which includes E-mail and Chat support services. Product Data Entry 4ecom provides a very dependable and malleable system which responses quickly to the client enquiries.

What are the benefits of an e-mail and chat support service in a company? E-mail and chat support helps in building strong customer relationship. Owing to this, we offer reasonably priced, non-intrusive and 24 x 7 anywhere access to our clients. A strong and efficient e-mail and chat based communication is important for every company. It helps in brand building and in the development process of a company.

A data base of FAQs is created in cooperation with our clients’ after knowing his requirements. The data bases are constantly updated, based on the interactions with the customers. There are some quick solutions for a few queries, our experts are thoroughly proficient with such processes, services and products. The online data base is used to offer instant customized reactions to the customers enquiries.

We have efficaciously and capably managed the chat and email services. We have experience in handling the simple and even the complex issues. Our chat & email services are wide-ranging and includes.

  • 24 x 7 Customer care support
  • Technical assistance
  • Order verification & fulfillment
  • Broad probe resolution
  • Contemporary technology

Our services help the companies, as 24 x 7 customer care support helps in reduction in the losing sales. Our professional executives are trained and hired according to the client’s specifications. They instantly reply the live chat conversations on your sites. Our experts are efficient to manage multiple chats at one time. The customers do not face any accent issues in instant chat enquiries. We have the ability to proactively start the conversation on chats, co-browse and push surveys, etc. We use the chat transcripts in order to improve and update our client’s data base. We, PDE4ecom offer a dependable email and chat support along with efficient resource management services. Our experts can help the customers belonging to any place and during any hour of the day.

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