Call us : +91 11 2563 1249 Email Address: Marketplace Product Listing is the new whiz kid in the eCommerce block that’s taking on Amazon with lower price guarantees (strengthened with several hundreds of millions in venture funding). It has started well and already come up the eCommerce marketplace, currently at fourth position as far as generating GMV (gross merchandise volume) is concerned, according to Channel Advisor. After only a couple of months, is already larger than established marketplaces like Tesco, Best Buy, Sears, and others.

InteList: API for Product integration with If you sell on, you need an API so that you can send your product feed to Jet.

The Product Data Entry 4ecom team with the programming team at has built an intelligent panel for retailers on Jet marketplace to meet at this platform, they’ve performed successful implementations of API to list and take orders from Jet.

Advance Your Marketplace Strategy with Jet Product Listing Optimization from PDE4ecom.

Jet requires that sellers provide relevant, accurate and useful information about the products and, encourages inclusion of data fields as needed to deliver good experience.

PDE4com understands your need to get products listed on quickly, fully, without losing quality. We are well-versed with guidelines set by, and upload your product catalog along with content requirements & compliances on all products.

Jet Product Upload/Product Listing Management on

  • Merchant SKU: Unique identification used to identify products.
  • Unique IDs: At least one unique ID but multiple unique IDs are preferred for products that are not merchant specific. Standard product code, brand and manufacturer part number can also serve as the purpose.
  • Product Title: A short description of less than 500 characters detailing the product.
  • Multi-Pack Quantity: Number of products based on UID that builds merchant SKU. Correctness of this field is imperative so as to ensure product listing integrity.
  • Product Price: Overall price of product.
  • Inventory: Quantity of goods for given product in a given fulfillment node

If a merchant wants to sell a product that matches a product on the Jet catalog, inclusion of extra info is strongly encouraged not compulsory. However, if the product that a merchant wants to sell does not match with any item on Jet’s catalog then the below mentioned fields are required.

Additional information required, if not on catalog:

  • Jet Browse Node ID: UID defining where your product will be found on
  • Product Description: Detailed product description of less than 2000 words.
  • Product Image: An alternate image with addition to main image in different formats. Having size 1500 x 1500 pixels or larger.
  • Package Dimensions: Dimensions of your product when it is shippable in length, width and height.
  • Shipping Weight: Weight of the product in pounds when shippable.


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PDE4com looks forward to participating in the making of this giant marketplace,, supporting online merchants anywhere in the world. Please let us know how we can help you with our product entry and full copywriting services for your marketplace listings.

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