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Marketplace Product Listing

Product data entry 4ecom will be making you feel the presence of your online store in the market place. We would be processing and uploading the product data on the market place very accurately and also at a competitive rate.

There are number of services we would provide you once you are tied to us:

We would adjust your product data feed according to the data feed specifications for a particular market place.

We would capture and collate the product data from multiple stores and also our product listing professionals are good at capturing and compiling the product data from files like ~PDF and online and hard copy catalogs. We can also try to gather the product data from the websites of the manufacturers.

We will enter the product names, features of the product and also brand names with the manufacturer identity with a hundred percent accuracy.

Each and every product will have its own categorization done accurately. The products unless categorized correctly have a very huge chance of escaping from the shoppers attention altogether. Our professionals here are very skilled and will make sure that every product goes into the best possible category.

The product feed is optimized and our people will make the product meta data titles and also the meta tags with all the product descriptions.

The original product descriptions will be provided with very beautiful text and fonts.

The product reviews  will be added and the positive and prominent ones will be displayed with the product reviews and will also increase the sales and help in the augment profits.

The product images will be thoroughly edited and also the product image will be a kind that would draw the attention of the shopper. The photo editors that we have here will enhance the product images by removing the blemishes and also by cropping the images well as well as resizing them. And in few cases, they would also erase the unattractive backgrounds and also produce the product image of all kinds – like thumbnails and custom defined images.

The product listing is automated and also the product data is kept voluminous. It has to be entered manually and also the product listing software will be done on a huge basis like bulk uploads with the product data.

There will be new strategies involved in order to maximize the profits and it also now becomes crucial to have a product-listing category that would seek the best player and would want to upload the product research

We would capture the price and offers of the data form the competitors and will also help you in fine-tuning the price of your own products. We would help you in getting the best on sale value and also providing the best deals to the shoppers.

We would help you in the order processing, right from the very beginning . we don’t believe in leaving our clients in the mid way. We would provide the best customer support later, once the project is completed.

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