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PrestaShop Product Entry

Online stores are now the easiest and the fastest means to reach hundreds of customers around the world simultaneously. The online market is forever abuzz with new products and if you miss out on a single opportunity, it could cost you a great deal of loss. Thus, you forever need to remain alert and keep updating your site as per the trends in the hyperactive online market.

PDE4ecom has a complete package that helps carry out PrestaShop product entry. We can assist you with various segments of the process such as introduction of new products in the market as well as carry out product catalog management. Our team of experts at PDE4ecom will support online storeowners in management of their PrestaShop platform stores.

There are many aspects covered by our team that helps in management of your stores. These include:

  • Placing products in the correct categories
  • Descriptions
  • Images
  • Attributes
  • Prices
  • Shipping
  • Manufacturer information
  • Bulk upload, etc.


Services Offered by PDE4ecom

There are a number of things that PDE4ecom will help you when managing PrestaShop product entry.

  • We have a team of specialist who will manage your product data entry and upload all the products along with the required relevant information. This information includes product titles, descriptions, features, tags, prices, etc.
  • Along with product description, we also manage your product categories. We place and sort your products in their correct categories as well as subcategories. Thus, your potential client can easily find what they are looking for under the right category.
  • We will tag each product with its correct attribute and variation, such as color, style, size, type, material, weight, texture, taste, etc. Thus, your customers can learn more about the product at a single glance.
  • Product description writing will help in creation of a unique description for your product. The description will cover all the information related to your product and sound tempting enough to compel a customer to make a purchase.
  • Retouch, editing and enhancing the images such that they appear attractive and eye-catching. We crop images so that the focus is on your product. We can even resize or retouch old images and make it appear more crisp and brighter. At times, we may change the background, add or remove border, adjust color, etc.
  • If you wish to fill your store with bulk products, we are the ones to approach. We handle bulk projects efficiently and with utmost accuracy. We can add your items using CSV as well as Excel files.
  • Keyword enrichment of product description as well as optimization of details so that it helps in increasing the online visibility of your store. With our SEO enhancement, your content will be unique and keyword-rich, thus, helping in improving your search engine rankings.

PDE4ecom offers its clients a complete package related to PrestaShop product entry. We help hundreds of potential customers discover your store and help increase your sale manifold. We make sure your data remains confidential and your store has the best turnaround time in the competitive online market.

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