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Product Data Classification

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In the management of product data, classification of data is a very essential task. It should be done in an accurate way considering the heterogeneity of classification schemas and taxonomic codes of products. There is significant variation in these schemas and codes depending upon the country and the manufacturer – UNSPSC in US; UPC in the countries UK, Australia and New Zealand; eClass is used in Germany and US. Thus, a great deal of diversity in classification schemas can be observed after extraction of product data from different sources. When the classification schemas are not distinct it becomes really hard to maintain the product data. Keeping this in mind, an eCommerce company should classify the product data according to schemas before uploading it. It requires broad knowledge regarding the product domain. The classification of product data not only consumes time, but also involves a great extent of human effort.

We at Product Data Entry 4ecom provide the services for classification of product data efficiently at reasonable rates. The professionals we have at our company are conversant with an extensive range of product domains. Irrespective of the diversity and volume of your data, we can classify it intelligently without overlapping the schemas and codes within the deadline mentioned.

Various aspects related to the product data are taken into consideration by our professionals like nature, source and product domain. All of your product data is scrupulously validated before we begin with the classification. The classification taxonomies created by us are domain specific. We have versatile approach and are able to classify the data according to SMD, SIC, JPPSG, UPN, eClass, UNSPSC, NAICS, EGII, MESC and various other taxonomies. The classification is possible using proprietary as well as custom approach.

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