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Product Data Migration

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Are you dissatisfied with the platform you have built your eStore upon? Or the platform of your eCommerce website doesn’t have enough features to meet out your business requirements? Consider the option of upgrading your eCommerce platform suitable to your needs in a better way. However, doing this will require migration of a huge quantity of data with complete accuracy and astuteness.

Trust Product Data Entry 4ecom for performing the function of data migration for your company. We provide the best services with efficiency and cost effectiveness. The professionals in our company dealing with the task are adept and will find you an eCommerce platform compatible to your eStore. We have dealt with major eCommerce companies like Shopify, Zen Cart, X-Cart, Magento etc.

To begin with, we will analyse the current platform to find out the inadequacies. Then all the eCommerce platforms available will be searched and finally best suitable platform will be selected for your eStore. After that the platform is thoroughly examined and customized to match the business needs of your eCommerce. The new platform’s database structure is carefully understood and the product data is organized in the best possible way. To prevent the loss and duplication of data during the transfer, every step in the process is taken carefully by mapping and planning the entire process scrupulously. The entire data is organised in a tab delimited or comma delimited format before migration. The professionals at PDE4ecom are adroit at handling the data irrespective of amount with cent percent of accuracy. To ensure that your customers don’t face problems while searching your website, we keep all the URLs and page titles identical to previous platform.

We provide our services at most competitive rates. To have further information or access our services, please contact us.

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