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SellerCloud Inventory Data Upload

With SellerCloud inventory data upload services, Product Data Entry 4ecom makes it easy for online entrepreneurs to finesse and update their product catalogs, management of orders across online marketplaces and your web store.

SellerCloud, a multi-channel ecommerce solution, syncs and manages inventory from varied ecommerce platforms to one online dashboard, but the task requires varied experience and expertise to be performed accurately. Experts at PDE4com, are well versed at working on the platform, helping global clients in product listing on their eCommerce stores and highly-trafficked marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Overstock, Buy/, Newegg, Sears, Magento, Big Commerce, Shopify, Volusion, OpenCart, etc. We are well-handled to support online merchants face the challenges of eCommerce, while boosting customer engagement and increasing sales.

Product Catalog Management

Using SellerCloud, we make it easy for eRetailers to manage their product catalog by adding new products and related information including titles, SKUs, descriptions, etc. As part of SellerCloud data entry services, we ensure that the details are entered in CSV files or Excel sheets with 99.95% accuracy. To further boost your products’ visibility and exposure, our experts also create Shadow Products (SKU) and product kits.

Add/Import New Products

SellerCloud product listing services professionals at PDE4ecom helps you  add new items to your stock for various eCommerce channels through adding information and attributes like product name, company, product type, short & long description, , items include, manufacturer, brand, manufacturer SKU, Master SKU, UPC, country of origin, key product features, product weight, active state of the product, condition, MAP price, cost price of product wholesale price, shipping details (weight, ship width/height/length, shipping package type), inventory transfer details (rating, inventory status, aggregate quantity, physical inventory (if applicable), product movement details like sales, warehouse transfer, etc., quantity of product in warehouse(s), replenishable items), etc.

Our experts enter the information in pre-defined fields, while ensuring compliance with the marketplace / online channel for which you want to list. We can also help you add other pieces of info pertaining to your product, including Images, eCommerce/PoS Sales Channels, Kits and Related Kits, Shadow Products (SKU), purchase order history, sales history, etc.

Shadow Products SKU

To help list a product in alternative venues, we create Shadow Products (SKU) – a virtual product, whose inventory is linked to an actual inventoried SKU. This is great way to enlist an item in a variety of categories. For instance, eBay and Amazon would allow a single SKU to be listed once, under one category. So, with shadow SKUs, we help you list a product under a number of categories.

Product Kits

We also create and import product kits in SellerCloud’s prescribed template. A kit, constitutes other products, and either contains various units of the same product, or can be made up of a group of varied items as a bundled kit.

Cloning a Product

If you seek to create an identical item, separate from the original product, our experts can create a cloned product. We ensure that the product information is copied from the original item, thus saving your time and efforts in adding similar products. We ensure that key information are correctly updated before being updated to an eCommerce channel.

Bulk Product Upload

We use the Bulk Update Products feature to add many new products at one go. As part of SellerCloud product entry services, experts fit-in the pertinent product details such as product ID, title, description, price, etc., in a tab delimited, CSV or Excel sheet with utmost accuracy and in quick turnaround time. We can also update the product information about thousands of existing items, easily and quickly.

Product Image Editing and Upload

As part of SellerCloud product entry services, we further help you edit and enhance the quality of your product images. Using advanced photo editing software, our experts can help you edit and retouch the images, cropping, resizing, image manipulation, background change/ removal, image masking, etc., while ensuring that they are in tune with the image upload guidelines of each marketplace.

Inventory Management

As part of SellerCloud inventory data upload services, we help you manage your inventory and make sure that the product availability statuses provided across different channels are latest. Our experts ensure that the inventory levels are synced across marketplaces.

Product Attributes Management

With SellerCloud product listing services, our experts meticulously create accurate attributes, maintaining proper product specifications and details across all marketplaces. We create, customize and update attributes including size, shape, style, weight, price, material, etc. This helps the customers in distinguishing between similar items offered by the retailer.

Order Processing

To help ensure a clean order-to-cash process, our team of SellerCloud data entry specialists ease your task of order entry, tracking and processing. We use the platform to manage the orders from a single interface. We can efficiently:

  • Manage sales from a single platform
  • Import orders and update the marketplaces about available stock levels
  • Update online retail channels with shipping and tracking details
  • Manage returns, refunds as well as cancellations


Back Office Support Services

Our full-cycle SellerCloud product listing services also include creating cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, processing orders, tracking shipment, competitor price monitoring and responding to customers’ queries and mails.

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